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Peter Sheil

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Sunday night / Monday morning [Oct. 6th, 2003|12:22 am]
Peter Sheil
Hi there everyone.

I've not been posting for a while. Being up in London on client sites during the day makes it hard to post / read e-mails.

So, what's been happening? Well I'm still on a bit of a high from the Concorde trip. I guess that will wear off over time but it feels good. I've put the second tranch of pictures up on my website so visit and marvel :)


I've worked a few long days ... Tuesday I had 7.5 hours of driving on top of a normal day at Cardiff. Actually the week has been a bit confusing. On Monday I was travelling back from the USA then Tuesday felt like a Monday and the rest of the week was just confusing.

Right now I'm off to bed for an early start in London - writing a new bit of a system for a client. Not contactable via e-mail 'till evening.