Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Hi there ...

... I'm back from New York.

The trip was too short :(

Flew to NY Saturday AM
Got to hotel 'bout midday local
Met Kat and Christin
Took a taxi to "Ground Zero"
Picked a nearby restaurant to go to but discovered it was closed and boarded up.
Went to Burger King 'cos they have an upstairs with a better view of the GZ site.
Back uptown on the Metro to Time Square and a little retail therapy.
Drop the bags off at Christin's appartment, which is close by.
Ate in a micro-brewary bar / restaurant (Heartland Brewary 127 W 43 ST at B'way 646-366-0235)
[not that I'm advertising you understand but the food and the beers were good - admittedly I didn't like Christin's pumpkin beer (I have the beer mat to prove they make this flavour beer) but each to their own.]
Collect the bags from Christin's appartment.
Taxi back to hotel

For some strange reason after all this I was asleep slightly before my head hit the pillow :)

Buffet [the bacon slayer] breakfast
Liberty Island
Ellis Island
Chinese restaurant where the locals eat [244 Canal St (right by the Subway exit) 212-966-8832]
The two bowls of Wanton soup with noodles were huge
... and we'd also ordered steamed chicken with snow peas, sweet and sour pork, beef with Chinese veg (which came with boiled rice) and egg fried rice. A table for four seemed to be completely covered with dishes of food :)
The two of us managed most of it eventually, but it took some time.
Home to the hotel on the Metro, some talking time then bed.

Kat's car to the airport left at 4.20 AM *groan*
Mine left at 6 AM so at least I woke a little slower.
details of the Concorde trip will follow ... well I'll be putting a page up about it later this week - check my home page for the link when it's done. But to summarise ...

YAY :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Get the idea? ;)
I hope the picture the Captain took of me in the cockpit comes out OK :) :) :)

and so to bed ... for tomorrow I drive down to cardiff and back in the same day :(
Gee but it's great to be back home,
home is where I want to be.

Home seems like it't half way down the M4 these days - need to do something about this before it drives me insane :(

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