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somebodies reading my journal. How do I know? 'Cos they added me as a friend, that's how. I added them back as well even though they are a bit surreal at times. It makes sense eventually but you'll have to dig a bit to understand it all. I think they may quote me ... it would be strange if they quoted a bit from this entry ... self referential in a way, but that's OK with me. They've been reading my journal for a while now but I thought I'd tell you all today, no special reason why today except I thought of it.

This is going to be a random selection of post so don't strain trying to see a connection.

Today I was doing the monthly checks on a couple of servers. I think the bit I like most is hitting the power off switch to see if the automatic power supply works. Oh and trying to put a virus on them, that's fun too. I'm just a vandal at heart. Actually the real fun bit was trying to load the "virus" (the EICAR test virus) onto a floppy disk on my own laptop. My virus protection software didn't want to let me infect myself and took a lot of persuading to let me do so. I managed in the end and now have a .com, .com.txt, .zip and a zipped zip version of the file to test virus detection systems. And yes I did remember to turn back on the virus protection on my laptop. (and yes I did just go and check that again :) )

It was supposed to be the livejournal meetup this evening but there weren't enough people signed up for it and it was cancelled. Usually I go along anyway but I thought it would end up with just me there - I didn't fancy that tonight so I just came back home. It is a shame there is so little support for it - I keep thinking I should post a poll to try and find out why so few people actually come along. What would be good questions to ask? Has anyone reading this been to a meetup? If so what were the good points about it and what the bad? What would you like to "meetup" for?

Today I collected my Dollars for my trip to New York this weekend. For some reason the branch of my bank nearest to where I was working yesterday and today has decided to close its Bureau de Change counter and now you have to queue for one of the general counter clerks - they can't give you the money of course but get the person who deals with it to order it for you to collect the next day. This is service? I don't get angry with the staff but I did point out that the system is f***ing stupid and they agreed. Mind you to be fair to them when I did finally manage to pick up the money today they had given me plenty of small change - I have had it given to me just in hundred dollar notes, perfect for a drink in a bar whilst you're waiting to change planes or for a taxi driver :)

Being away so much means that my flat suffers. I rush in, drop stuff in random places, get washing and other essential stuff done then rush out again. This means that the flat gradually get disorganised ... no let me rephrase that ... because I'm not more organised I gradually lose sight of the lounge table. I think this all relates to the third law of thermo-dynamics ... entropy tends to increase. The trouble is that as it gets worse and worse it also gets harder to do anything about it. I'm mulling over the idea of taking an extra day off after the weekend just to help get myself organised here. It will make me feel a lot more positive about the flat, so maybe I should do it.

Or maybe I should just stop typing random thoughts to bore you all, get up off my butt and do something to get myself organised for tomorrow, the rest of the week, the weekend and maybe even the rest of my life ... wherever that may be leading me.

[Did I tell you I'm flying on Concorde on Monday? Wooow hoooow *bounce bounce* :) ]
Peace to you all

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    Just popping in to delete spam posts ... this is the only reason I come here nowadays. Peace peter

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    Nothing great or surprising, just a note to say I'm alive and far more likely to be found on facebook. Peace peter

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    For the record, you can find me on facebook ... I only pop back here to delete spam from old posts :) Peace peter

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