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Random thoughts [Sep. 22nd, 2003|11:08 pm]
Peter Sheil
It's good to be in the right place at the right time for a change. I was on a client site in Victoria, London when my boss calls saying that a different client in the same building has a problem with their production system. So I zoom up three floors and make out I've just materialised from transporter beam from Cardiff [the client is used to my sense of humour, thank goodness].

So I go into investigative mode ... ping the server (worked fine), checked the link to a shared disk (failed), got the user to reboot their PC (no help), had a poke around in the server looking for any problems (none found), checked back with the user (no it hadn't fixed itself by magic) so finally rebooted the server and hey-presto it all works fine. *shrugs shoulders* I guess it's just the magic of Windows ... again.

The sky tonight was quite spectacular. Just as I was walking back from the tube station to my car there was a distinct edge to the clouds and the sun was setting, giving pink ridges to the underside of the cloud sheet. I actually had my camera with me but I couldn't find a good place to get a picture because of the buildings and trees around and by the time I'd driven to a place with a better view it had gone :( The sky changes so quickly at dusk, if you can't get the shot you want there and then it will probably be gone within minutes. Still I did see it and my memories will live with me. Now what was I talking about? I just forgot.

The leaves are falling, even more so after the wind today. The grass near where I park the car was a yellow and brown carpet. Reminds me that the year is passing - seems to be quicker each year. Where does the time go? And why do I never seem to have enough time to do everything I want? *Sigh*

I'm back in London again on Tuesday so probably no mail / LJ during the day.

Peace to you all