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Today's news [Jan. 29th, 2002|10:13 am]
Peter Sheil
Two very different stories from the BBC. There were a couple of others I would have posted but the links didn't seem to work from within Hotmail :( You can always go to http://news.bbc.co.uk and hunt them down for yourself.

[one of them started to work, so now you get three stories]

* Gales clean-up begins *
A clear-up operation is under way after severe gales left seven dead in one of
the worst storms to hit the UK in a decade.
Full story:

* Pope tells lawyers to boycott divorce *
Catholic lawyers should refuse to take on divorce cases, says Pope John Paul II,
and magistrates should avoid hearing them.
Full story:

* Bush 'undecided' on prisoners' rights *
The US president says he has yet to decide the legal status of captured Taleban
and al-Qaeda fighters - but insists they are not POWs.
Full story: