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Peter Sheil

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A Second Joke [Jan. 29th, 2002|09:35 am]
Peter Sheil
My I am funny this morning ... OK so they aren't that good, but they make me feel better first thing so maybe they'll do the same for you :)

A young woman had entered her dog in the dog show in the
smooth-haired breed category. To give it an advantage, she
went to the chemist for some hair remover.

The chemist gave her the product requested and advised,
"Just remember to keep your arms up for at least five minutes."

"Errr... it's not for my armpits," she flustered, embarrassed,
"it's for my Chihuahua."

"Oh well, in that case," said the chemist, "don't ride a
bike for twenty-four hours."

Blessed Be

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[User Picture]From: mysticprincess
2002-01-29 04:57 am (UTC)

Re: *groan*

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