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Some random items of news from the BBC [Sep. 17th, 2003|02:10 pm]
Peter Sheil
Good luck to all my friends on the North American continent. I know the storm's been downgraded but it still sounds like a whole lot of "fun".
* US braced for Hurricane Isabel *
About 100,000 people are told to leave coastal areas and the Atlantic fleet takes as Hurricane Isabel approaches.
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Even in Britain it seems that our war against terrorism has its detractors. I don't think we are heading quite as far as the USA are, but still losing some of our personal freedoms. It's a hard balance to get right and I don't envy any government trying to achieve that balance (let alone one just trying to gain as much power as possible).
* Terror laws are 'needless totalitarianism' *
Parts of planned new laws aimed at dealing with a large-scale terror attack smack of "needless totalitarianism", say the Tories.
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Get those pieces of wet string thrown away - we're talking serious bandwidth requirements here. Mind you I'm only getting slow internet access for about 50% of the time right now and nothing at all for the rest, so personally I'd vote for reliability first ahead of speed.
* Net struggles with data overload *
Scientists are looking at ways of sending huge amounts of research data over a struggling internet.
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