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Peter Sheil

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Yes, I am here [Aug. 13th, 2003|10:23 am]
Peter Sheil
Hi there, not been posting much recently :(

I was working in London for two days and didn't have access to the internet for most of the time. Yesterday (Tuesday) I spent most of the day working in a server room - so cool. The disadvantage comes when I have to go out ... leaving the server room it was a wall of heat going into the office environment ... and then yet another wall of heat when I walked out of the building. Not pleasant weather to travel on packed underground trains :( Sharing sweat with strangers is not my idea of a fun occupation, even if some of them are good looking and not wearing much!!

I ended up working 'till 8 pm trying to get a problem fixed ... just don't talk to me about multi-tape backup units *grrrrrrrrr* It isn't fixed, but at least it is running batch jobs automatically ... well I'll see later if they've run.

Right, back to "real" work. Peace and coolness to you all