Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil


Got to sleep v late yesterday ... well his morning actually :( Got engrossed in a puzzle (pentagram I think it is called) where you have to get funny shaped pieces to fit together into a rectangular frame. I found a solution in 5 minutes when I first got back to the hotel in the evening but then wanted to record that in an Excel spreadsheet (slightly annal but also means I can get the bits back together again). Had a meal, watched the TV (Clear and Present Danger ... not as good as the book) then started playing with the puzzle again [while I defrag'd the disk on my work laptop]. I found, and recorded three additional solutions but by then it had gone 2 AM ... silly me ... but I am a bit obsesive sometimes :)

Missed breakfast this morning so had sugar laced coffee to start with and am now eating a Maple and Pelican Slice ... or should he be Pecan? *shrugs* I'm also busy doing administration on some upport cals on the s l o w e s t system ever.

Back to the treacle :(
Peace and good morning to all my American readers
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