Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil


Well we are out of the meeting and are we all motivated? Hmmm well maybe.

We started off with a presentation previously given by the CEO about why we are like a football team *barf* and had some videos of teams including a player turning his back on an opponent after a foul and then getting a serious kicking from behind. What does this mean for us you ask? [we certainly did] Well I think we ae supposed to watch out for the oposition and not let them surprise us ... or maybe we should put the boot in first ... who knows.

There was a lot of one company, one team, one strategy, seeing the bigger picture stuff - all fine and dandy 'till someone asked if there was a plan for actualy achieving this yet. At least the presenter had the grace to admit "no" without too much waffle first.

I guess I'm at about the same motivational level as when I went into the meeting,just more hungry and looking out for changes in the company ... the spark of hope hasn't died yet :)


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