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Peter Sheil

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Weekend [Jun. 16th, 2003|06:31 pm]
Peter Sheil
The weekend was fun, if a bit too hot :)

We were dancing at Wimborne, Dorset both days. We started at 10AM on Saturday but had a lay in on Sunday and only started at noon. Lots of dancing was done and some of it was good :) We all got a bit tired and grumpy during the day as we got hotter. On Saturday there was a procession through the town which was the most tiring thing of the day - you feel you have to keep dancing for as much as posible 'cos of all the spectators lining the route ... all the route. :)

We went out for restaurant meals on both evenings - an Italian on Saturday in Bournemouth and an Indian back in Southampton on Sunday.

Today has been busy ... early start, I was on the road just after 6 AM and got here at Cardiff just after 8 AM, then lots to do during the day. Off to the hotel now to find out where my room is - I expect another one out in the back of beyond :)

take care, peace

[User Picture]From: goddess_2000
2003-06-16 09:15 pm (UTC)

Off to the hotel

Save the papers sweetie :-)
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[User Picture]From: goddess_2000
2003-06-16 09:19 pm (UTC)

all the spectators lining the route ... all the route. :)

OOOO That would have been nice to have seen.
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