September 6th, 2005


Quotes of the Day

Good morning. Today's quotes are brought to you by a Lottery winner - I got all 6 numbers on the Saturday draw ... unfortunately not all on the same line of my entry :( *sigh* Still I did make a profit so it's better than my usual result.


The really frightening thing about middle age is that you know you'll grow out of it.
Doris Day (1924 - )

The petty economies of the rich are just as amazing as the silly extravagances of the poor.
William Feather (1908 - 1976)

Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labor by taking up another.
Anatole France (1844 - 1924), The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard

My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what's really going [on] to be scared.
P. J. Plauger, Computer Language, March 1983