September 5th, 2005


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Friday evening

Dear owl,

I'm sure you had a good reason to be sitting in the middle of the narrow lane in the dark, but do you think you could keep a better look-out for cars? Initially I thought you were a rabbit or badger and that you would walk sideways out of the way. Imagine my surprise when you spread your wings and flew away!

Yes, I'm sure the screaching of my car's tyres scared you, and I'm glad you managed to take off inches away from my car, and your near vertical take-off was very impressive, but I would much rather not see it at such close range - well not when I'm driving a car towards you anyway.

I hope you had good hunting for the rest of the night.


I was on the road at 6 AM, which is way too early to be up on a Saturday morning.

<rant>Could drivers please, please, please remember that the middle lane of the motorway is for overtaking cars in the slow lane. So go past whatever is in the slow lane and then, if there isn't another car or lorry you are going to overtake soon and there isn't a slip lane on to the motorway then get the f**k back into the left-hand lane. It's simple - just do it!</rant>

Had a good day at Faversham Hop Festival - we danced well, had a few minor mistakes but the dances worked well and had a lot of energy in them. I think I strained my voice shouting during them :) We even had some nice comments about the dances. I left after our last dance and headed around to my Mum's to drop off some stuff I meant to do last Sunday then went on to my flat and got my washing done.


Relaxed in the morning with my contact lenses out to rest my eyes. Packed, went round to Mum's for a meal and chat then headed off down the motorway to Cardiff ... well Waterloo actually but every one will think of one of the other Waterloos :)

I was going to post about Katrina, but it is late so I'll do it another day.