July 18th, 2005


Meme alert

Copy your friends list: bold the ones you have met in real life,
italicize the ones you have talked with on the phone. Anybody you have
only spoken to online, do nothing to their names.

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I think I got that right ... comment if I got you wrong and I'll correct it :)


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Please don't ask "why?", just accept that strange things sometimes happen when you follow links.

Livejournals for the two Mars rovers:-

Create your own visited planets map

Whale explodes in Taiwanese city


*shrug* It's not my fault, honestly!

Oh and I didn't intend to buy the new Harry Potter book, but when I was buying milk and a cooked chicken the pile of books was saying "Buy me, buy me!", so what could I do? I think some "other force" was acting on me in the shop. I've managed to not read it yet, so maybe it was the power of all the books combined ... although I did notice that an assistant replaced the book I'd taken with one from somewhere else in the pile. Spooky!

Right, off to other things.