June 12th, 2005


What, a post? Wow!

I haven't been on-line at all this weekend. I'm attempting to reduce my distractions in order to get some decorating done ... however I found other displacement activity to do so no actual decorating got done :)

I'm going to have a quick look back over my friends posts but if there's anything you think I ought to see then please post a link in the comments here.

Driving along the M4 this evening I was treated to a great sunset. At one point the sun's rays were slanting under one cloud and illuminating some of the lower fluffy bits. At another point there were some very striking crepuscular rays (where they look like spot-light rays centered on the sun). Finally as I headed for the Severn Bridge the final red glow dropped below the horizon. Seeing things like this makes me realise that life is actually a lot better than it could be - the little things, like this sunset, are important in the scheme of things and what you and I do is far less important. Saying that isn't, of course, completely true as sometimes the smallest things we say or do can alter people's lives.

I think I need to get to bed soon :) before I get too deep and meaningful.