November 4th, 2004

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It was an interesting drive in to work this morning. At one of the narrowest point in the narrow lanes the box van ahead of me met a line of vehicles and confusion ensued. In the end the van reversed into a drive-way after I'd reversed a bit ... but couldn't go back any more 'cos of the milk tanker that had pulled up behind me. So then the range rover could pull over into the same drive way. I then slipped past these, another car, a large van ... and a horse. I did think about stopping to help sort out the situation but there was nowhere to stop without blocking the road myself.

The rest of the journey was OK ... well apart from meeting the dust-cart later on but that was easy to get past.

Have you heard that three British soldiers were killed and eight injured today? All part of the price we are paying for ... helping in Iraq. When will it end? Soon i hope but I cannot see how it can happen. *sigh*

My thoughts go out to all those killed and injured in Iraq, of whatever nationality.

I'm off to bed now, another long day tomorrow and the client has changed the bit of the system I'm working on.