September 15th, 2004

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

News from the BBC

Americans flee as hurricane nears
Two million people are urged to leave their homes along the southern US coast, as Hurricane Ivan approaches.
(... and hurricane Jeanne is heading for the east coast of Florida! )

Brazil is world 'hacking capital'
Brazil is the global capital for computer hacking and internet fraud, say experts at a conference in Brasilia.

Europe told to 'rethink security'
A study commissioned by the EU calls for a major rethink of security within its borders and beyond.

Charity pressing for smoking ban
Campaigners say a ban on smoking in public places could save more lives than new anti-cancer drugs.

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Heard on the BBC news last night:-
The Government are not going to force people to work until they are 70.

I can see two interpretations of this, instinctively I choose the "wrong" one :) The mental image of all these 70 year olds being bussed into factories and being overseen by cruel overseers with whips made me smile. (I'm strange that way.)