September 9th, 2004


Friends in Florida

The latest 5-day Forecast Track for Hurricane Ivan puts it over southern Florida, heading north, early Monday morning. haven't those guys had enough of a pounding this year? If you have any friends in Florida they'll need all the luck / positive energy / prayers you can send them!
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Edit: The image is actually changed as they update the forecast. As of now (17:00 BST) it is going west of the tip of Florida and coming ashore on the west coast.

Urgent warning

Have you heard of Dihydrogen Monoxide? It is a potential health hazard many people know nothing about!

Just tell me the facts:-

Product Data Sheet:-

There is a site dedicated to informing people about this chemical. See their site for more information.


Edit: I should probably add this link as well, and maybe get you to look closely at what the icon is.