June 19th, 2004

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Friday evening ... no, Saturday morning!

Drove home from Cardiff. I tried not to stop at Membury services but the car swerved off at the junction all by itself. Then I tried not to go to the KFC ... honestly I did try ... but my urges got the better of me :(

I got home a bit before 10 PM without any major drama. I've unpacked the car, done two loads of washing and I'm waiting for the second to tumble dry. I only just remembered that I'd washed the bed sheets last weekend so I've just had to put the pillow cases and sheets on the bed before I could sleep. I didn't bother putting the duvet in it's cover - it's been so hot recently that I should be OK just under the cover.

Tomorrow later today we are dancing at a village fate ... at East Tytherley, a village a few miles east of Salisbury and north-west of Romsey. We'll be dancing some time about 2.30 PM and again an hour or so later if you want to come and see us. Then Sunday night I'm off to Stonehenge to join the rest of the throng to see Summer Solstice dawn there.

I'm off to bed now, need my beauty sleep :)