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May 14th, 2004

Random thoughts [May. 14th, 2004|10:33 am]
Peter Sheil
You know it is from a circulation list when an e-mail begins :-
     Dear `Capitalize(FirstName)`,

Thank you Expedia.co.uk

Despite this I'll still use them for booking my flights 'cos I like the interface and they have good deals.

We'll have sun, sun, sun ...
[Yes, i do know it should be "fun" but I'm bending the lyrics to fit reality :) ]
Today we're actually having some real live sunshine :) It seems to have been dull most of the month so far so this is a nice change - and it looks like the weekend will be good too. In the office I now only get a distant view of the window across the sea of desks and monitors, and that window has vertical blinds in it so the sunshine is a bit academic for me unless I get outside at lunch time. Yes, that's what I'll do. Hey, that must be the rebel in me coming out :) And I've just rolled my shirt sleeves up - wicked! :)))

... 'till her Daddy takes her T-bird away
I've still not got my car back. Yesterday I phoned the garage to check and some of the parts they need have been ordered but are not available :( I explained that I'd be working in London next week and they said that I'd just have to keep their car 'till they have finished the work and I can arrange to be back here. I'm not best pleased by this - I'm getting so dependant on the GPS navigation system, if not for the actual navigation then for the estimates of my arrival time at the destination.

Of course I'll live with the Jazz (instead of the Accord) and it's boot actually holds a surprising amount ... which is fortunate as I don't tend to travel light. This week I have :-
One sports bag of Morris dancing stuff 'cos I came here straight from the dancing on Sunday
One sports bag of work clothes, wash kit etc.
One sports bag of technical goodies (external CD/DVD player, DVDs, technical books, assorted radio networking bits 'cos I'm still trying to get my MIL's home network working, packs of writeable CDs and so on and so forth)
Two laptops, one work and the other personal
Large plastic bag of washing
plastic bag of books and computer mags
road atlas of UK (since I have to navigate myself now)
pack of Lucozade energy drinks
plastic bag of stuff for running in case I have a free evening
erm, I think that's basically it

The sports bags will just fit in the boot running front/back and the rest of the things are wedged around them.

The weekend
Friday evening I'm off to Kidderminster to have yet another session getting the MIL's home network running. The bit that isn't working is a radio link between a Belkin ADSL modem + router + radio access point (all one box) and her PC. I've tried getting my laptop to talk to the radio but it didn't want to have any part of it (despite trying the base unit on all available chanels it could use). this time I'm taking my own radio base unit and if necessary I'll plug it into the router bit of the Belkin unit. when i tested my radio unit it connected first time with no hassels at all - but then bot the unit and my laptop's radio card are Netgear so I'd be disappointed if they didn't work first time.

After getting the network up and running early Saturday (well I can hope can't I?) I'll be driving back to London to do the week's washing and getting the flat more habitable. Then Sunday I'll be over at my Mum's for a meal, chat and doing the crossword puzzle in the paper and then get myself organised for the week.

OK, that's all for now - back to the grindstone of application support :) I'll chat again later.

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Zoom ... [May. 14th, 2004|05:41 pm]
Peter Sheil
... well zoom putter putter actually as I'm in the smaller car still

Just about to leave work at Cardiff and head off to Kidderminster. I may not be on-line much over the weekend and I'll definitely be off-line during the working day all next week :( I'll get withdrawal symptoms I just know it :)

A good weekend to everyone and hope the weather for you as as good as it is promised for us.
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(no subject) [May. 14th, 2004|05:58 pm]
Peter Sheil
An overheard conversation on the next desk

"The customer cannot be unreasonable."

Sorry Nick, that's not the case!

Right, I am actually leaving now.
Night night.
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