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April 16th, 2004

The sky fell down ... [Apr. 16th, 2004|04:50 pm]
Peter Sheil
Drip drip drip

I got in to work today to discover that a large chunk of the ceiling had come down and water was dripping through - fortunately not onto any computers or electric sockets but only by luck! Apparently there is a shower next to the board room upstairs and someone had used it ... and managed to get the water to flow out via an alternate route. Although the problem has been fixed and no more water is being added to the flow, it is still dripping out some 9 hours later. Never mind, I'm sure it will dry up over the weekend, then there will just be dry bits of ceiling to sweep up.

And the fuel goes where?
Last night I discovered a problem with my car. I had pulled in to the petrol station, stopped near the pump, opened the driver's door, clicked up the little lever to release the fuel cap cover, walked round to the petrol cap and ... found it was still closed! After a couple of goes at this someone came out from the garage and asked if it was a new car ... I gritted my teeth and said no, that the release lever wasn't working. Eventually she worked the lever while I pryed open the cover with the car key. So ... today I take the car in to the local Honda dealer and they fix it for me and I arrange a long overdue service for the car for next week. Hmm actually I haven't checked that the release does work ... I'll be on the same garage forecourt when I find out :)

Something for the weekend Sir?
Saturday I'm playing "musical cars" - my sister is driving me down to Southampton and I'm driving Kim's ex car [I bought it when she went off to the states] back to London. Longer term I'm going to give back my company car and drive the other car, an M reg Vauxhall Cavalier. It is older than my company car and less well appointed with gadgets but it should save me quite a bit of tax and I'll get a higher mileage rate when I drive on company business.

Then on Sunday I'm hoping to meet up with a few friends and take pics of them running in the London Marathon. I'm not running myself this year so I'll cheer on the others and see if I can get some good pics - you know with Tower Bridge in the background etc. [For my American readers it is Tower Bridge that opens for the boats to go through ... although hopefully not during the race itself :) ]There is something where I can get a text message as the runners cross certain points on the course ... if the technology works then it will be cool but being the pragmatist I am I'm not convinced it will all run smoothly.

Then it's back to the grind ... working at Cardiff Monday to Thursday with only a day off on Friday [Dentist and getting a water meter fitted ... no not both in my mouth ... how could you think that!] to look forward to. And then it's the weekend again and it's a trip up north with some new friends for a couple of days away taking pictures. I'm sure some suitably approved/edited ones will be released into circulation after the event. Hope the weather is good as the scenery around there is spectacular in places.

Right, off to see if I can put fuel into the car. I'll probably be on-line later this evening for a bit.

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For your information ... [Apr. 16th, 2004|05:31 pm]
Peter Sheil
There are a few people reading this who may not know that I have another (indeed several other) journal(s). The reason I bring this up is that I'v recently updated pearls_b4_swine and some of you might like to look. Only a few people can put new posts in it but anyone can comment on existing posts. If you'd like to have posting rights there then comment on this post and I'll set it up for you.

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Quiz [Apr. 16th, 2004|10:45 pm]
Peter Sheil
Copied from mysticprincess ... thanks I think ;)

Death - Reaper of souls and anthropomorphic
personification extraordinare. Frequent
attendee at parties, unwelcome at most of them.
His dedication to his duty is surpassed only by
his affinity for the color black, though he
does occasionally call on assistance. SQUEAK.

Which Discworld Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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