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Peter Sheil

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March 11th, 2004

News from the BBC [Mar. 11th, 2004|11:19 am]
Peter Sheil
From the ridiculous to the sublime :-

US approves 'Cheeseburger bill'

'God particle' may have been seen

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The Scare Bears [Mar. 11th, 2004|03:21 pm]
Peter Sheil
"Borrowed" from ladiorange


*whistles quietly and walks away*
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2004|03:58 pm]
Peter Sheil
Borrowed from a community - some seem to be more American than English to my ear, but they are well worth a look.

100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English

100 Most Often Mispelled Misspelled Words and Phrases in English

*more whistling and walking away*
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For the IT practitioners amongst us [Mar. 11th, 2004|04:30 pm]
Peter Sheil
From a random phrase generator on Kevin Luff's Homepage

Disraeli was pretty close: actually, there are Lies, Damn lies, Statistics, Project Plans, Delivery dates, and Documentation

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