October 8th, 2003

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Random thoughts ...

... from "far too late" but still typing.

Bad start at work today - but solved one problem I was having and got part of the new section of a system working. Now all I have to do is link a few bits together with programmer glue and get the right data to populate a few windows and we'll be cooking on gas for a user demo at 4 PM later today.

After a few days experimentation I have had to conclude that dirty dishes stay dirty. I actually hate leaving washing up, but once it does get left I get very de-motivated about doing it. Had a clear up today and the kitchen is looking a lot better.

I've put up a second tranche of Concorde pictures on my web site and started work on the third tranche - these will include the meal ... and the little table cloths we had for our fold down tables ... I kid you not. I'm hoping to get this next batch live on Friday evening, but if not then I'll definitely manage it over the weekend.

OK, off to clear out the adverts for Viagra and other crap from my work e-mail account, maybe even manage to get some important information as well, yuo just never know ... that's if it's working at all. Being off on a client site and having no access to the internet during the day is frustrating at times. Sigh.

Hope life is good with you all, or if not then that you have the strength to cope with it.