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September 24th, 2003

Was it you? [Sep. 24th, 2003|09:23 pm]
Peter Sheil
Who stole the sun? I got out of the underground station on the way home tonight and it was pitch dark. Of course some of it is going from the brightly lit station to the street but it did seem much darker than I was expecting. I went for a short walk after work and ended up by Tower Bridge. Got soome pics of sunset, and the bridge opening to let a sailing boat through. I even looked across the river at the suspended boix ... but couldn't summon up enough energy to actually cross the river and push through the throng to get a better picture ... it's not like he's going anywhere is it? ;)

The pics, plus some from inside Lloyds building, will get posted soon ... maybe Friday since I'm actually travelling to New York a day later than I thought. Buggered up my plans to meet Kat on Friday but I think we are sorted now after a mildly panicking phone call ... I had this image of her sitting at the hotel reception for 24 hours waiting for me. Fortunately she can stay with someone else the Friday night and we'll get to meet on Saturday.

I'm heading off soon - driving down to Cardiff tonight and then back to London tomorrow - the joy of the long distance commuter :) Still it does mean I can get all my expenses entered and claimed. That should help the cash flow a bit.

Peace to you all
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