September 22nd, 2003

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Random thoughts

It's good to be in the right place at the right time for a change. I was on a client site in Victoria, London when my boss calls saying that a different client in the same building has a problem with their production system. So I zoom up three floors and make out I've just materialised from transporter beam from Cardiff [the client is used to my sense of humour, thank goodness].

So I go into investigative mode ... ping the server (worked fine), checked the link to a shared disk (failed), got the user to reboot their PC (no help), had a poke around in the server looking for any problems (none found), checked back with the user (no it hadn't fixed itself by magic) so finally rebooted the server and hey-presto it all works fine. *shrugs shoulders* I guess it's just the magic of Windows ... again.

The sky tonight was quite spectacular. Just as I was walking back from the tube station to my car there was a distinct edge to the clouds and the sun was setting, giving pink ridges to the underside of the cloud sheet. I actually had my camera with me but I couldn't find a good place to get a picture because of the buildings and trees around and by the time I'd driven to a place with a better view it had gone :( The sky changes so quickly at dusk, if you can't get the shot you want there and then it will probably be gone within minutes. Still I did see it and my memories will live with me. Now what was I talking about? I just forgot.

The leaves are falling, even more so after the wind today. The grass near where I park the car was a yellow and brown carpet. Reminds me that the year is passing - seems to be quicker each year. Where does the time go? And why do I never seem to have enough time to do everything I want? *Sigh*

I'm back in London again on Tuesday so probably no mail / LJ during the day.

Peace to you all
Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

... and another thing ...

Mars is very bright tonight.

I just saw it whilst shutting the window as I was putting the tumble-dryer's exhaust pipe away. Most parts of London are polluted by too much light to see much in the heavens but Mars is bright enough at the moment to shine through the yellow glare of the sodium street lights. Mind you I have previously identified it only to discover that it was moving rather quickly and on a path close to the route of the aircraft on approach to Heathrow :) No, it's still there - must actually be Mars.