September 13th, 2003

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)


I've not felt completely well for a few days - just a bit of a cold and some attacks of coughing - nothing too bad but it just won't clear up :)

This weekend I'm Morris Dancing on the Isle of Weight. I'm only there on the Saturday but the side is there for Sunday as well. If anyone is close and wants to see me / us then use the bio page here to text me and leave me a message with a way of contacting you and I'll tell you where I am / will be.

And so to bed ...
Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

More blah ... but better later

Last night I fell asleep. Nothing bad there you say. True, but I fell asleep with the light on. Oh no, gasp shock horror - well maybe not. Last night I fell asleep with the light on and the radio on. Still not that much of a problem you say. Last night I fell asleep with the light on, the radio on and my contact lenses still in. Ahh, there's the rub. I should leave them out for 8 hours in every 24 and if I don't then they get very sore.

When I got up in the morning I didn't even notice - the world just looked "normal" and it was only after I had my bath that I realise that the world was too clear. I took them out then, so at least I'd have some break. Then I went and had some breakfast, got ready then went to put the lenses back in.

As an aside here I should point out to recently joined readers that I need my contact lenses and glasses cannot correct my vision. I have something called kerataconus - basically the front of the eye (the cornea) has a lump on it which distorts my vision in quite bizare ways :) If I look at a point of light when not wearing my lenses then I will see a distorted oval of individual points of light on a line at roughly 45 degrees to the horizontal. This is similar in each eye but the angle is different ... oh and the at rest position of each eye puts horizontals lines at different angles so don't ask me if that picture is hanging level ;)

Now back to today. Put right lens in and it feels OKish. Put the left one in and within a few seconds it feels like acid burning it :( Only thing to do is take both lenses out and try again in a while. After a few goes at this I persuade the lenses to stay in without my eyes watering too much but by now I'm much later than I wanted to be.

I walked into town and found where to buy my ticket then hung around for a while ... I'd just missed one hydrofoil service and the next one was just under 30 minutes later. The hydrofoil service takes half the time of the other ferry to get to the Isle of Wight although the services come in to different places. Well actually they are both Cowes but there is a river between the east and west halves and it takes a while to drive from one side to the other. Next I got a taxi to Wotton Station where I met the rest of the Morris side (who'd already danced at a couple of places without me) coming on a steam train.

After the usual organisational melee we headed off to a pub, The Cedars, for drinks and food which were both good. The serving staff seemed a little surprised to see some 30 Morris dancers and musicians but coped with the sudden increase in trade manfully. So, refreashed and revived, we headed off to the community centre and danced a bit. This deprived the local youths of their area to practice stunts on their bikes but they didn't seem too put out - indeed they even seemed to enjoy some of the dancing!

The dancing induced great thirst, strange that eh? So off to a different pub, this time The Sloop, for more refreshment - non-alcoholic in my case - while we sat and watched the water lap at the boats and discussed life, the universe and everything. Finally we caught a bus, well two busses actually 'cos I was going to West Cowes for the fast hydrofoil while the other three were going to East Cowes for the slower ferry. Some of the side were staying over for a ceilidh this evening and they'll be dancing tomorrow as well but I cannot afford the time to do that.

So overall a good day despite the start. I got a few dances, pleasant company and enjoyable conversation which balances out the eyes :)

Right, just need to finish typing this, pack up then head on up to London. I probably won't be on-line again this weekend, or if i do it will only be a quick e-mail check on Sunday.

Peace to you all

PS Pictures were taken and will be posted but not this weekend.