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August 19th, 2003

Geek talk [Aug. 19th, 2003|01:55 pm]
Peter Sheil
Just a short note - the internet connection is flakey today :(

I'm around and OK but being frustrated by IT things.

After a major panic on Sunday night / Monday morning I now have an up-to-date backup of my palm pilot. I discovered that: -
a) the batterey didn't seem to be holding charge and
b) it hadn't been backed up since the end of March *arrggghhhhhh*

I downloaded the latest version of Palm desktop onto my personal laptop (Win XP Home) and tried to get it to sync. up - could I hell - after several attempts with various setting of various of the COM ports I was defeated. The only good news was that the palm actually seemed to have taken a bit of charge, so hopefully it would last overnight
*wry laugh 'cos it was already gone 3 AM and I was getting up early*

When I got in to work I re-downloaded the palm desktop onto my workPC (Win 2000 profesional), adjusted the settings and it sync'd up second attempt.
*Big sigh of relief*

I'll have to try and get the settings sorted out on my own PC some time, but now I have a backup I'm a lot more relaxed :) And the battery actualy does seem to be holding charge OK so maybe I just didn't get it charged properly last time I thought I was charging it. I'll have to keep an eye on it ... and keep taking regular backups (of course)

Peace to you all
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