August 15th, 2003

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Lots of things

Driving to work

What a beautiful morning. I was on the road about 5:45 and saw the sun rising on mist patches gathered in the hollows - a pink tint to the mist - makes the day feel better. Had a good trip and got to Cardiff about 7.45.

In the news - from the BBC

* Blackouts cause North America chaos *
Millions remain without power in major cities after the most serious blackouts
in decades.
Full story:
I think there was an initial feeling this might be terrorism again, but actually it is just a power plant getting hit by lightning or problems with the distribution system depending upon whether you believe the Americans or the Canadians.

* Britons stranded by blackout *
Thousands of travellers face travel chaos as many transatlantic flights are
cancelled after a massive power cut hits North America.
Full story:
OK, lets not be Anglo-centric here :) I'm sure some Americans and Canadians were stranded as well.

* Iceland starts whale hunt *
The first Icelandic whale hunt for 15 years starts on Friday, as vessels set out
on a six-week mission to kill 38 minke whales.
Full story:
Iceland is a country I'd like to walk around some time - stunning scenery - shame about their desire to kill these wonderful mamals.

Discussion about expenses - not unexpected actually. Need to get accomodation sorted out down here. I don't fit neatly into their classes of people 'cos of what I want to do so we have to get a definion of what a "Principal Residence" is :) Also need to find out exactly what they will pay me when I do have two properties ... can I claim expenses when I'm back at my London flat as otherwise I'd be in a GBP 100 + a night hotel. I'm after a fair and equitable agreement whilst I think the company is trying to reduce what it has to pay to the minimum. [read "screw me down to the absolute zero"]

Started the process of booking tickets so Kat can visit me in New York at the end of September when I have my trip so I can fly back on Concorde [have I mentioned that already? *bounce bounce*] I just need Kat to confirm the times and flights are OK then they are done and dusted. It is strange that it is cheaper for me to book the tickets here in the UK than for Kat to do it in the US *shrugs shoulders*

Anyone else interested in meeting me and Kat whilst we are here? I fly in on Friday the 26th September and fly back early on Monday 29th. Also any sugestions for things to see / do? I want to see "Ground Zero", buy some trainers and maybe take in a show ... any oher thoughts / suggestions? I'll be susing out the route for the marathon later in the year as well, but actually there's not a lot I can do about that ... except maybe get around to some training :)

Small cherry tomatoes are dangerous! Projectile tomatoe juice when you bite them is a danger to laptop keyboards.

Enough already - may your days be peaceful and productive