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August 14th, 2003

News from the BBC [Aug. 14th, 2003|10:25 am]
Peter Sheil
* Creatine 'boosts brain power' *
The dietary supplement creatine - known to improve athletic performance - can
also boost memory and intelligence, researchers say.
Full story:
Now where did I put my bottle of memory enhancing tablets? It must be somewhere around here.

* Twelve-year-old boy passes A-level *
A computer whizzkid who does not go to school is thought to be the youngest
person this year to gain an A-level
Full story:
I'm never completely sure if home schooling is good. I know some on my friends list do so, and I respect that chioce, but I do wonder if the potential improvement in academic standards outweighs the potential lack of social contact with other children. Anyone want to comment on that?

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