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July 24th, 2003

Sigh [Jul. 24th, 2003|09:59 am]
Peter Sheil
I'm having a fun day.

My laptop claimed to have a virus when I started it this morning.
Out came the network cable and I called our help desk - my favourite
technician was around about half an hour later. The bizare thing is that
it is in an area used by SMS, the Microsoft system management system that
automatically updates yoursystem from a central management point. I noticed
it doing something to my computer yesterday but thought that was just "life" -
SMS had detected that I was on aPC that changed locations and wanted tomove
me to a new logical location.

Now the first cleaning program keeps crashing :( and the second one is running
right now. I have loads to do and cannot even access my worke-mail at the moment.
I'm writing this on another PC which doesn't have most of the things I need to
work normally.


Hope you day is better than this.

Update 12:20
The virus is W32/Lovgate.f@M
I didn't have an infection (actually run it) but out SMS server's share has got it!
So each time I logon I get 2 new copies of the virus.
I'm still waiting for my full virus scan to complete ...
*drums fingers*
... it is in the \I386\ folder as I type this.
*breaths slowly to try and reduce the frustration levels ... it dosn't work*
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