July 11th, 2003

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My replacement company car finally arrived today.

It's a red honda accord ... I was expecting green but it is a nice red ... pic will be posted soonish. I spent a while trying to find it in the car park after it had been delivered, once I started checking the registration plates I soon spotted it. It does have a very slight scrape on the front passenger door which I've reported but I don't think it's worth doing anything about.

It's got a satelite navigation system *wow* so now when I get lost I'll know where I am :))) There's a map display on the front console and several buttons - fun. I have to admit to being a geek at heart. Lots of manual reading to do :) There's also a proper hands free kit to hold my mobile phone and it seems to work OK.

Right, back to the grind of work :( I'll chat more later.