May 18th, 2003

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We had a good day overall although it started badly for me. There was an accident on the A40 and the police had closed the road. No diversion signed so once I eventually got off the road I, and every other driver, had to navigate ourselves around the local roads to get where we wanted to go. Ho hum. Meant I got down to Southampton about an hour late. (Actually, on reflection, I think I'm probably luck in that I wasn't in the accident - an hour's delay is better than a lifetime's delay.)

The dancing went very well - we danced first at Furzey Gardens then moved on to "The Trusty Servant" in Minstead. After that we moved on to Bucklers Hard. Here we had a picnic on the ground then scuttled into the pub when it started raining. Eventually it stopped raining and we did some dancing 'till it started raining again. We were just starting a dance when the rain came down quite hard but we finished the dance :)

We had a good music session / story telling / singing session at the pub before leaving to get back to Southampton. After a while to get washed and changed we headed off to a Turkish restaurant and had a meal. After that it was off to yet another pub for yet another music session. I only stayed for the one drink then headed back to get a good night's sleep.

Leisurely start, then drove back to London. Lunch with Mum and my sister. Then eventually back to my flat and getting organised for the week. I'm away in Cardiff for Monday to Wednesday then probably in London on Thursday and Friday. I may not be on-line much next week so don't worry :)

Take care, peace