April 8th, 2003

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Today's mystery phrase ... and other stuff

dim ysmagu

I'll give you a clue ... it's not a chineese dish, even though it sounds like it should be ... although truth to tell I've never heard it, only seen it on signs.

What's your guess??

After my run on Sunday my legs are still aching. I didn't run last night, but did have a short walk. I'll try for another run tonight and see how that goes then rest 'till Sunday.

Anyone out there like to Sponsor me for the run? It's in aid of Macmillan cancer relief, rather than beer tokens for me :). You could either post me a cheque or I guess I could accept PayPal payments if I get myself together [is here any chance of that happening?] Let me know if yu'd like to and I'll sort out the details off-line by e-mail.

Right better get on - today I either have a network connection or power ... no don't ask :( ... so better clear my work e-mails then go back to the power socket.