March 30th, 2003

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Had a very good evening yesterday. Kat had suggested a "goodbye to London" drink before I leave to the wilds of Wales. We had a Vegitarian Indian at my favourite restaurant, then went and played pool for a bit. A guy in the pub seemed to be trying to pick up one of us ... we just weren't sure which one of us :) Then we went back to my flat for a few more drinks, a board game (which was interesting 'cos I couldn't find the rules so we had to invent them as we went along) then I dropped her home at 4 AM ... except of course that was actually 5 AM

I'm off to Cardiff soon. I may not be on-line all that much as I'll be v busy during the day and I don't know what data access I'll have at the hotel. I'll be able to do short posts, but please excuse me if I don't keep up with all my friends' posts.

Peace to you all