March 16th, 2003

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Quiz about me, me, me

Stolen from Tom, I don't often do these so make the most of this one :)


A - Age: :: 48
B - Best Quality: :: modesty? punning ... oh no that's a bad one :)
C - Choice Of Meat: :: pork with crackling
D - Dream Date: :: someone with personality who cares and cuddles
E - Ex (most recent): :: Kim, still married but seperated last September
F - Favorite Food: :: vegitarian indian from Rani's, Long Lane, Finchley (probably banana curry)
G - Greatest Accomplishment: :: getting round the London Marathon (I'm doing it again this year)
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: :: My marriage? No maybe when I went on my first solo glider flight
I - Internal conflicts: :: Thinking of things to say on quizes
J - Jam or Jelly: :: Marmalade - thick cut orange
K - Kool-Aid: :: plain water
L - Love: :: not right now
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: :: emotional or valuable? Don't know
N - Name: Peter Sheil
O - Outfit You Love: :: have to wear a suit and tie for work, so something a bit less formal, cargoes and rugby shirt right now
P - Pizza Toppings: :: 4 seasons
Q - Question you want to ask: :: What is the essential difference that makes humans unique? Is there intelligent life anywhere in the Universe ('cos there sure as hell ain't any here on Earth right now)
R - Radical thing you've done: :: Me? Radical?? Subversive sometimes maybe :)
S - Sport To Watch: :: none - there are much more interesting things to do
T - Television Show: :: no TV, so no TV shows
U - Unique habit: :: sitting typing on the PC when I should be doing other things ... oh you do that too?
V - Very favorite word: :: changes but "actually" right now
W - Winter: :: Snow, skiing, yipeee. Mind you I don't like getting cold so warm clothes.
Y - Yesterday's best meal: :: Fish and Chips
Z - Zodiac Sign: :: Cancer