February 10th, 2003

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)


Slightly late up ... well I'd been very late to bed so no surprise there :)

Made it into work then got three problems solved ... one was adding a calendar control which keeps disappearing from an application ... this was OK apart from a memory access error and leaving the Excel app. locked by myself *grrr* log out, log in, wait for slow login script to run etc. eventually got it to run correctly and the user said it was OK.

Second problem was another Excel spreadsheet ... the underlying app had changed but this user hadn't given us her one in time. Another guy had done the work needed over the weekend and all I had to do was test, zip it up and e-mail it to a grateful user - justed saved her two hours typing putting her data back into the spreadsheet(s).

Finally the third problem. I'd debugged this on Friday night 'till the office closed then left it for another guy to finish over the weekend. He had agreed with my initial thoughts and found that it had lost some name ranges. He had defined the ranges on the Excel spreadsheet, but I discvovered that the user had been doing some more work since he had sent me a copy ... so had to get his latest copy, add the ranges, delete some data so that it would work correctly then pass it back to the user.

Next I had to rush over to a hospital for a check-up at 10:15 ... got there a few minutes late ... rush rush.
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Sigh, so there it is, my body passed the MoT
[For non-Brits that is an annual technical test for motor cars over 3 years old]
but may need to be a bit reshaped.

I'm off for an early night.