January 9th, 2003

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Virus Worm.ExplorerZip

A new variant of this was reported yesterday ... guess how I know ...
no I didn't catch it personally but I've just spent all morning getting
my PCs scanned with an updated virus scanner and trying to find out
what the damage is.

If you get an e-mail with a file "Zipped_files.exe" then don't open it.
I chuckled at two colleagues who did, but the consequences are a pain.
It sets to zero bytes size a series of file extensions (including .doc,
.ppt and .xls) on all attached drives C: to Z:. It also sets itself up
to scan your inbox for unread mail. When it finds one it replies along
the lines of: -

I received your email and
I shall send you a reply
ASAP. Till then, take a
look at the attached
zipped docs."

Only just got back on-line ... what a waste of time ... grrrrr

Stay safe guys