December 26th, 2002

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Christmas Day

Had my Mother and sister, Mary, round for Christmas dinner today. Most of the work was done by Mary although I did put the oven on exactly when she wanted it :) My kitchen is "compact" - I'll have to post some pictures some time to show just how small - and it takes a lot of practice or just good mental relationship to actually work with anyone else. The meal was good and we all enjoyed it - turkey and trimmings, many vegetables, roast potatoes and parsnips, swede, bread sauce and gravey then Christmas Pudding, custard, cream and brandy sauce.

We exchanged presents before the meal - I received lots of clothes to improve my image. "Hey I'm young and available baby. What are you doing later?" Well something like that :) I have to accept that I need a more "relaxed" fit to make me look good, something that takes a bit of mental effort.

After Mum and Mary had gone and I had a short snooze I went out for a walk. I actually classed this as "training" and you can see my comments on it (and other comments) at runningdiary .

Right, off to bed now.
Peace and tranquility to you all