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November 29th, 2002

Yesterday ... [Nov. 29th, 2002|10:32 am]
Peter Sheil
... all my troubles seemed so far away.

Actually yesterday ended up as a good day :)

Despite leaving work a bit later than I wanted to and despite being on the M25 for far longer than I wanted *grrrrr* I then had a good time shopping with my sister. She was acting as "image consultant" for a new suit I needed to buy and getting her and my Mun's Christmas presents for me. I know it isn't a surprise if you've already tried the things on but by trying them first you know that they fit and suit you.

I bought a £200 suit that looks v good, and my sister bought trousers, jeans, casual shirts and pullovers (including a cashmere which is just sooooo smoooooth). My sister is trying to change my look to suit the ... hmmm ... shall we say "larger" me. Most of my clothes were bought when I weighed about 20 lbs less than I do now :) I'm sure you can picture the results of this ... "I will get into that pair of jeans." *heaving hard and holding tummy in*

She thinks I should shave off my beard and that will make me look 10 years younger. I'm begining to think she's right - what do you think?

When I got back to my London flat I also found a letter from the London Marathon saying that I've been accepted for next year's race. *yeah* This is good because I'll now have to get down to some serious training and that will be better for me. I just have to keep my positive motivation and actually do it and not procrastinate about all the reasons I cannot go out training today. :) Support from others will be a great help here.

Anyway I'd better get back to the Access application I'm in the process of rewriting to use SQL Server tables and updating the user interface significatly. (oh and also getting all reports to output their data as Excel spreadsheets if the user wants them)

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