October 3rd, 2002

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Quotes of the day

Quotes of the day ... well actually I didn't like the default selection so here are some on boredom ... yawn.

Bore, n.: A person who talks when you wish him to listen.
Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914), The Devil's Dictionary

A bore is a man who, when you ask him how he is, tells you.
Bert Leston Taylor
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Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

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Please be aware of the W32/BugBear@mm virus. This virus is classed as a Medium risk.

The symptoms of this virus are:

A mass mailer Virus using the victim's address book to propagate itself, sending large print jobs to all network printers, corrupting system files, recording keystrokes for subsequent remote download and also propagates itself via network shares.

In order to entice users to open the infected e-mail, it appears to generate random subject titles for the e-mail.

If you receive a suspicious e-mail in your mailbox please DO NOT OPEN IT or PREVIEW IT - DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.

Further information on this virus can be found at http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_99728.htm (amongst other places)