September 2nd, 2002

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Quotes of the day

I'm at home today, downoading some documents and resting my foot :( so the quotes are a bit late today. The weekend was OK - I even got mildly sun-burnt. So Morris dancing can be healthy for you :)

Right - the quotes.
First the cry (or rather what should be the cry) of all scientists.

Things are only impossible until they're not.
Jean-Luc Picard, 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
Beam me up Scottie Zwiiiip *twinkle twinkle*

Why have logical reasons for your views?
It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

We seem to believe it is possible to ward off death by following rules of good grooming.
Don Delillo
... and also by consuming vast quantities of pills (I just mis-spelt that and it seemed I was pro lager)

and finally a plea for many LJ writers ... but none of you of course.
Your life story would not make a good book. Don't even try.
Fran Lebowitz

Have a good day even though it is a Monday