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Peter Sheil

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July 20th, 2002

Made it! [Jul. 20th, 2002|01:13 pm]
Peter Sheil
Just to let all those that care know, I made it to Canada safely :)

The first flight was to Toronto on an airbus (340 I think). I always worry about computer controlled planes - there is no direct conection between the pilot's controls and the aircraft's control surfaces ... being in the software industry I know what a program bug can do. I sat next to a pilot (no not the pilot) which was interesting. The second flight was a little Dash 8 ... it is a little plane with propellers :) It bounces with any little air currants :)))))))

Finally got in 15 minutes late, so not too bad.

Anyway, I'll just check mu e-mail then I'm off

Take care, (hugs) to you all
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