June 28th, 2002

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Quotes of the day

Never eat more than you can lift.
Miss Piggy

You live and learn. At any rate, you live.
Douglas Adams

Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.
Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962)

Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality.
Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)
Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Hmmmmm ...

"Software is a bit like making sausages. People want to enjoy it but they don't really want to know what went into it."
Dan Kusnetzky, an analyst at research firm IDC
Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)

Off-line for a bit ...

I'm going to be off-line a bit for the next 5 days!

Saturday and Sunday I'm morris dancing with Red Stags Morris at a weekend organised by Wyvern Morris in Dorset, or it might actually be Somerset.

On Monday to Wednesday I'm on a residential course learning how to be a better consultant :) I've got the advanced material, and I suspect it will be hard work. We have to analyse how to take a small business into the 21st centuary despite the directors :)

OK - I may pop in on Sunday evening, otherwise see you all on wednesday night /Thursday morning.