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Peter Sheil

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June 19th, 2002

Quotes of the day [Jun. 19th, 2002|09:18 am]
Peter Sheil
New York now leads the world's great cities in the number of people around whom you shouldn't make a sudden move.
David Letterman

Only the mediocre are always at their best.
Jean Giraudoux

We are so vain that we even care for the opinion of those we don't care for.
Marie Ebner von Eschenbach

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.
Gail Godwin
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Little Johnny joke - mildly rude [Jun. 19th, 2002|09:28 am]
Peter Sheil
You have been warned ...Collapse )
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Groan [Jun. 19th, 2002|10:02 am]
Peter Sheil
The personnel office received an email requesting a listing
of the department staff broken down by age and sex. The
personnel office sent this reply...

"Attached is a list of our staff. We currently have no one
broken down by age or sex. However, we have a few alcoholics."
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Yummy [Jun. 19th, 2002|03:59 pm]
Peter Sheil
Chocolate muffin with chocolate chips on the top.
Mind those spread sheet print outs .... oppppps too late
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Quiz [Jun. 19th, 2002|06:35 pm]
Peter Sheil
I haven't done one of these for a while so ... Read more...Collapse )
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