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Peter Sheil

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June 4th, 2002

Hi [Jun. 4th, 2002|08:53 pm]
Peter Sheil
Hi there, long time no entry.

I'm having problems with hotmail on my one PC - just won't complete the connection after reading my password. It works fine from my work laptop, but I have to dial in to work to use it :(

On Saturday I went up to Durham for a friends wedding - and arrived 2.5 hours late :( Still I made it for the 5 course Elizabethan banquet in the evening.

Monday and Tuesday were holidays here in UK and now I'm off 'till wednesday week 'cos Roxanne is coming over from Canada to see me :))))))))))) I may not be on-line much :)))))

Catch you guys and gals later
Blessed Be
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