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Peter Sheil

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May 30th, 2002

Pop music ... [May. 30th, 2002|08:10 am]
Peter Sheil
"All pop music is about sex. Rock is about wanting
to do it, jazz is about doing it, and country and
western is about feeling guilty after you've done it."
- Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr.
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Quotes of the day [May. 30th, 2002|08:20 am]
Peter Sheil
With Epcot Center the Disney corporation has accomplished something I didn't think possible in today's world. They have created a land of make-believe that's worse than regular life.
P. J. O'Rourke

Life is a long lesson in humility.
James M. Barrie

I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Nothing can so alienate a voter from the political system as backing a winning candidate.
Mark B. Cohen
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Madness [May. 30th, 2002|12:14 pm]
Peter Sheil
[Current Mood |Randomness]

This way lies madness

Stollen from amberthistle (and very nice cake it was too :)) )

Sample output: Your Cerebral Hematoma requires me to congratulate you on your ability to compute the Lesbian Integral of a macaroon.

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