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Peter Sheil

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May 8th, 2002

Where I was on Monday [May. 8th, 2002|12:44 am]
Peter Sheil
For those interested, here is a link to some pics from the Morris Dancing on Monday. the pictures are still uploading as I type this, so give it a while before you try accessing the later pictures.


Blessed Be
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Be a weather forecaster ... for 100 years [May. 8th, 2002|03:16 pm]
Peter Sheil
Copy of a link I got from a BBC news letter - might be fun for any computer geeks ... or indeed any normal humans :)

* Worldwide weather watchers wanted *
Your home computer could soon be helping work out how global climate will change
over the next 50 years.
Full story:
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* New Zealand's belching animals * [May. 8th, 2002|03:31 pm]
Peter Sheil
From the BBC news letter ... now who does this remind me of? ;)

* New Zealand's belching animals *
Trials by New Zealand scientists show how changing pastures can reduce the
emissions of methane from sheep and cattle.
Full story:
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