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April 29th, 2002

Crapped up e-mail [Apr. 29th, 2002|08:58 am]
Peter Sheil
Over the weekend out IT guys have managed to:-
a. fail to restore older e-mails that got lost when an e-mail server failed
b. deleted any mail left in the inbox since Friday morning
c. lost any calendar entries we had recreated since Friday morning
d. lost any contact entries ditto

They are not going to restore the e-mail lost over the weekend -
my best guess is they don't have a backup of it.


I am pissed off!
Do you think I should organise a visit to a bewery for them, with
tea and cakes afterwards - to help them get a start towards organising
something more entertaining????????

Oh ..... durh.

The only good news is that the UK company board are on the same server,
so I guess their secretaries will know of the problems and might tell
them - can't imagine them actually using e-mail themselves :)
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