February 5th, 2002

Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)


The code was willing,
It considered your request,
But the chips were weak.

Printer not ready.
Could be a fatal error.
Have a pen handy?

A file that big?
It might be very useful,
But now it is gone.
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    Frustrated by computers
Life 2 (based on icon from tamnonlinear)


I'm going to be on a client site unexpectedly on Wednesday They have corrupted their server while trying to install the latest drivers for a corrupt tape drive (it has got to be a hardware problem but Dell always say "Have you got the latest drivers?") [no just don't ask about it ... please ... going there will just stress me more 'til it is fixed and I can get the idiot who did it locked up in a dungeon]

So the "A" team (me) has to get their backup server running with their latest data - that is if the backups produced on this tape drive are readable and the backup server tape drive is readable, and then mangle a few .INI files to get the users running on the correct server and seeing the correct datasets.

meanwhile the "B" team (A N Other) has to get the production server back and running - our best guess is a complete rebuild from the ground up.

So if I don't post on Wednesday think of me ... stuck in a small utility room full of servers and phone switching racks - fighting recalcitrant computers and users - and trying not to kill the local IT support person :)

Ho hum

I'll start my yoga breathing exercises now