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Peter Sheil

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January 18th, 2002

A groan plus excuse to try some HTML [Jan. 18th, 2002|04:53 pm]
Peter Sheil
Have you ever wondered where and how yodeling began? California? Oregon? Switzerland? Most believe it originated in Switzerland, but here's the real version.

Many years ago a man was traveling through the mountains of Switzerland. Nightfall was rapidly approaching and he had nowhere to sleep. He went up to a farmhouse and asked the farmer if he could spend the night. The farmer told him that he could sleep in the barn.
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YAST - Yet Another Silly Test [Jan. 18th, 2002|05:35 pm]
Peter Sheil

I am peanut butter ...

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Peanut Butter.I taste like Peanut Butter.

I am one of the most blendable flavours; I go with sweet, I go with sour, I go with bland, I go with anything. I am practical and good company, but have something of a tendency to hang around when I'm not wanted, unaware that my presence is not welcome. What Flavour Are You?

... or coffee

What Flavour Are You? Buzz buzz, I am Coffee flavoured.Buzz buzz, I am Coffee flavoured.

I am popular in the workplace, even though I am often bitter. I am energetic to the point of being frenetic; buzz buzz, out of my way. I tend to overwork myself and need periods of recovery time. What Flavour Are You?

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YAST2 [Jan. 18th, 2002|05:50 pm]
Peter Sheil
[Current Mood |goodgood]

I didn't cheat, honest.

Find out what kind of driver you are!
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